Embed the project.

published: September 30th, 2023 (Week 135)

As the 24HourHomepage grows, I realize many entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle with the same thing that lead me to create this project: they are uncomfortable marketing.

Because we're uncomfortable marketing, we treat it with a sour grapes sort of attitude. For me, that rationalizing goes something like: "...if I made something good, I won't need to talk about it".

That might work if you have an audience. If you're like me and don't: start sharing your work!

If you want to go far, go together 🤝

Look at the corner of this web page. Look familiar? That's the 24HourHomepage running as an embedded client on this blog post. Just like the main site, you'll see one fun, clickable piece of Internet for every second of the day.

Why you should embed 🛌

Not only are you helping grow this project, you're supporting thousands of creative entrepreneurs just like you.

People advertise their family-friendly work. You advertise them.

To really sweeten the deal, I'll give you 80% of any sale you generate. If you're new to this strategy, it's called affiliate marketing and it has been one of the ways I've grown this project successfully.

How it works 💰

If someone buys time on the project after you've referred them, you'll get emailed that I owe you money. I'll send you your earnings via Venmo, Cashapp or Paypal.

Step 1: Enter your email
Step 2: Add this to your website

At the bottom of your <body /> element is best.

Step 3 (optional): Customize the location

By default, the embedded client fixes itself to the bottom right of the screen. You can customize how it looks by adding id="TwentyFourHourHomepage" to the DOM element of your choice. The client will mount there and you can style away. The default container can be targeted with id="TwentyFourHourHomepageContainer".

Step 4 (optional): Tell me about it

Reach out to me — [email protected] or @justinprojects— and tell me what sites you've installed it on. I'd love to hear from you! ✌️